holistic SERvices for design, building and operation

All MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyachts are custom designed to meet the desires and preferences of the Owner.


The preliminary design of the 165M MIGALOO M5 serves as an initial source of inspiration. The Owner is encouraged to modify and customize the design based on specific preferences and requirements. Therefore, the MIGALOOs Owner-centered design approach begins with a comprehensive briefing, followed by the development of a General Arrangement (GA) plan and an initial design indication.


Besides a detailed interior and exterior concept design, MIGALOO focuses on partner mangement and coordination of all relevant partners at early stages of design, ensuring seamless integration.

MIGALOO guarantees continuous supervision and design approvals throughout the engineering and building phases.


If wished, MIGALOO serves as the Owners' Representative, offering a comprehensive suite of Yacht Management services including Crew Management, sustainability management and curating unparalleled experiences for the Owner.

Owners' Value proposition

Whether driven by the pursuit of Security and Privacy, the spirit of Exploration and Expedition or the quest for Innovation and Individualization, MIGALOO assures Owners of Private Submersible Superyachts an unparalleled and bespoke set of value elements.


These values guide the Owner from surface-level aspirations to deeper, intrinsic values, culminating in the ultimate benefit of owning a MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyacht: the opportunity to attain a state of self-transcendence.
Epitomizing the pinnacle of all values, self-transcendence represents the commitment to surpassing personal limitations and attaining elevated states of existence through avenues such as personal refinement, spiritual enlightenment or the relentless pursuit of excellence.

"The Ownership of a MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyacht enables Owner to transcend themselves and reach new heights of fulfillment, purpose and transcendence"

Christian Gumpold, CEO of MIGALOO PSY


Design Philosophy: Owner-Centered Design

MIGALOOs Owner-centered design approach places the needs, desires, and experiences of the Owner at the forefront of the design process. By deeply understanding and empathizing with the Owner,  MIGALOO is able to create bespoke designs that not only meet but exceed the Owners expectations.
The concept is empowered by 21st century Innovation Management Methods and Processes such as Design Thinking, Open Innovation and Sustainable Innovation as well as by a 360° view on addtional relevant topics such as the Business Model, the Stakeholder or the the specific Owners value propositions.
With MIGALOOs Owner-centered design philosophy, a private Submersible Superyacht isn't just a vessel– it's a unique and personalized journey of indulgence and refinement for the Owner - ensuring to meet and exeed all expectations.

Design Process Overview

 Step 1

General Project Configuration


Call with CEO Christian Gumpold

A PDF file detailing a General Project Configuration for a custom-designed Submersible Superyacht


The Owner (or Owners' representative) has the opportunity to select preferred options and add individual wishes and requirements on a curated selection of project-related topics


Feel free to submit the completed document back to us. Based on the unique configuration, we meticulously analyze the Owner's wishes in detail


CEO and Designer, Christian Gumpold, would be delighted to arrange a complimentary call to discuss the project and provide recommendations for the next steps

MIGALOO PSY_General Project Configuratio
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 429.5 KB

Step 2

Design Briefing Workshops

GA Development

Initial Design Indication

Several design briefing workshops

with CEO and Designer Christian Gumpold


Service highlights (selected features):

  • Comprehensive design briefing encompassing all relevant aspects for the design, construction and operation of a custom-designed Submersible Superyacht
  • Holistic understanding of the Owner's demands, wishes and preferences

General Arrangement Development with
CEO and Designer Christian Gumpold


Service highlights (selected features):

  • Based on the design briefing, development of a General Arrangement Plan
  • Creation of multiple layout proposals and concepts
  • Criteria-based selection of the best options
  • Definition of all pertinent areas, including Owner's spaces, VIP & guest areas, general luxury spaces, special interior feature spaces, crew areas, command and control spaces, technical areas (preliminary assumptions) and any other required or desired areas
  • Detailed interaction with the Owner's representative or Owner's team throughout the entire development process

Initial Design Indication
by CEO and Designer Christian Gumpold


Service highlights (selected features):

  • Initial 3D-CAD design of the main exterior surfaces and shapes
  • Creation of multiple overall designs & aesthetics
  • Criteria-based selection of the best options
  • Main exterior features
  • Main exterior details
  • Preliminary positioning of masts and other equipment
  • Position and design of exterior balconies, teracces, folding doors and sliding doors
  • Position and design indication of viewing galleries
  • Exterior outdoor spaces, deck areas & furniture
  • Main pressure hulls position and design (preliminary assumptions)
  • Set of high-end 3D-CAD visualizations
  • Provision of 3D-CAD data for further development

 Step 3

Exterior & Interior Concept Design


Partner Management

Exterior & interior concept design

& partner management


Service highlights (selected features):

  • Design briefing workshops (if not already defined)

  • General Arrangement Development (if not already defined)

  • Initial design indication (if not already defined)

  • Main partner selection & coordination (e.g.: shipyard, Classification Society, Flag State)

  • Integration of expertise from crucial project partners

  • Continuous collaboration with Classification Societies and Flag States for rule and regulation changes or developments

  • Collaboration with Captain or specialized experts

  • Coordination of hiring and development of training programs for the Captain and Crew according to rules and regulation

  • Detailed development of exterior and interior design

    • Creation of reference image boards, mood boards, and overall design themes
    • Development of fabric boards, material sample boards
    • Spreadsheets of all selected items
    • Identification and sourcing of artworks, sculptures or other distinctive features
    • Detailed 3D-CAD design of all exterior and interior areas, features, objects and furniture
  •  Production of high-end 3D-CAD visualizations showcasing all developed designs and details
  • 2D Plans & Elevations

    • Preparation of 2D plans and elevations for each area, including design details and lighting
    • Inclusion of material references
  • Bid package development

    • Creation of a comprehensive "Bid package" for shipyards and main project partner
  • Supervision, adaptation, and design approvals

    • Ongoing supervision, adaptation and facilitation of design changes and approvals during pre-engineering and based on feedback

Detailed list of included and excluded (design) services are available upon request - all services are up to discussion and subject to change according to the Owner's wishes

Operational Services

Owners Request

MIGALOO Private Submersible Yachts


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