MIGALOO LST - Limo Sub Tender

Main data:


Length overall: 17.0 m
Beam: 3.9 m
Draft: 3.3 m

Depth: approx. 250 m

Construction: Steel; Double Hull Design


Surfaced Boarding:

Conventional side boarding from bathing platfom or pier


Submerged Boarding:

Starboard and/or portside boarding from MIGALOO M5 Limo Sub Tender Lobby


Guests: 10-12

Crew: e.g. 2-3


Surfaced Features:

Retractable sun roof, main lounge with seating for up to 12 guests, mini bar, crew stern seat for remote steering (analogy to Venetian Gondolas)


Submerged Features:

Large acrylic bow window, bow lounge, spacious lounge chairs, elevator to surface hatch, 2 side hatches for underwater docking



DNV Certification

Deadman's Switch


Drop Weight

Max. Depth Prodection


Life Support



Shipyard, Construction & Interior Outfitting: acc. to Owners preferences


Exterior Styling & Interior Design: MIGALOO or up to the Owners preferences

Power train: Diesel Electric & Batteries


Speed: 20 knots surfaced, 12 knots submerged



General Views & Features (Concept Proposal):

LIMO Sub Tender - the perfect match to a submersible superyacht

MIGALOO LST - Limo Sub Tender: Surfaced Mode

MIGALOO LST - Limo Sub Tender: Submerged Mode & underwater docking

Explore the depth - onboard the MIGALOO Limo Sub Tender

MIGALOO LST - Limo Sub Tender: Sub Lounge, bow lounge & interactive walls

unparalled experiences - Discover the unknown

Owners Request

MIGALOO Private Submersible Yachts


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