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MIGALOO M5 - 165 M Private Submersible Superyacht

Main data:


Length overall: 165.8 m
Beam: 23.0 m
Draft: 8.6 m
Range: approx. 15.000 km
Submerged duration: approx. 4 weeks
Depth: approx. 250 m


Press Coverage Overview

Migaloo M5 Private submersible fortress - the future of protection


MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyachts cooperates with SAFE, offering ultimate and uncompromising protection for the Owners peace of mind.


Beyond Military grade protection for the Owner, the guests and any valuables onboard.


SAFE provides customized security systems using advanced technology for early threat detection, swift client isolation and thorough mitigation.

With 50 years of success, SAFE has safeguarded high-profile clients, governments, residences, and headquarters globally. Its expert team delivers tailored security solutions, staying ahead with the latest technologies to set industry standards and surpass client expectations.


A submersible superyacht represents the pinnacle of personal expression. Offering unmatched privacy and security, it caters to those with a passion for exploration and seeking extraordinary experiences. MIGALOO stands as the future of yachting, redefining luxury and adventure for its owner and guests.

Statement of Christian Gumpold, CEO and founder of MIGALOO:


"We believe that Submersible Superyachts are the future of yachting.


The needs of Superyacht Owners for their vessels are more complex than ever. These wishes do not just include performance, length or design. Owners are looking for privacy, security and protection for themselves, their guests and their valuables, or for the fulfillment of unique experiences up to scientific desires as well as for the greatest possible exclusivity and limitation."


Private Submersible Superyachts



MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyachts  offer ultimate experiences, safety and exclusivity.




LST - Limo Sub Tender

MIGALOO LST - Limo Sub Tender


Travel, explore or transfer  as well as submerged docking - in total privacy.



Private Islands



The Private Floating Habitat  based on Semi-Submerisble Platforms acts as a private island.



MIGALOOs' vision is to develop the most extraordinary designs above and below the waterline - for visionary and innovative Owner

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