MIGALOO - the future of yachting

Statement of Christian Gumpold, CEO and founder of MIGALOO:



The needs of Superyacht Owners for their vessels are more complex than ever. These wishes do not just include performance, length or design. Owner are looking for privacy, security and protection for themselves, their guests and their valuables, or for the fulfillment of unique experiences up to scientific desires as well as for the greatest possible exclusivity and limitation.


We belive the expectations on superyachts are rising faster and higher than ever.

Current and upcoming Yachting trends as well as UHNWI trends are:
Privacy and security for Owner and Guests
Exploration, expedtion and R&D
Experiences and immaterial goods
Innovation in design, materials, GA, overall concept and use cases

High tech and high-end entertainment
Younger owners with no superyacht experience and high willingness for unconventional projects and cooperations

Frugal luxury: own less, but get more

New business models and operation models



We believe motor yachts and sailing yachts cannot fully satisfy  the ever-rising demands of modern Owner.

We believe the Yachting Industry needs a (r)evolutionary innovation.

We believe Submersible Superyachts offer high (business) potentials for all parties - Owner, Designer, Builder, Supplier, Broker, Captain & Crew,...

We believe Submersible Superyachts are a new category of vessel type Owner can choose from, alongside to motor yachts and sailing yachts.



We believe that Submersible Superyachts are the Future of Yachting.


Owner Archetypes

MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyachts intentionally appeal to a highly exclusive and discerning group of Owners, though spanning a broad spectrum of age groups, professions, genders, locations and cultural backgrounds.


These Owner archetypes are characterized by a common trait - an outstanding motivation for owning and operating a MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyacht.

Each motivation can be attributed to existing or upcoming trends among Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) - from the fascination with exploration, exclusivity and immersive experiences to the paramount importance of security or business-oriented motivations, the archetypes pursue highly demanding, professional, complex goals and areas of interest.


To address these challenges optimally, MIGALOO's individual Owner-centered design process pays maximum attention to empathy, values, motivations, desires, customization and the specific requirements of the Owners.

MIGALOOs' vision is to develop extraordinary designs above and below the waterline - for the most visionary and innovative Owner

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design Services & Ownership

 MIGALOOs holistic service package covers design, supervision and Owners Representation before, during and after design and building

Custom Design Project Configuraton - Free Download

Click on the picture below and download the MIGALOO General Project Configuration


Select preferred options and add individual wishes and requirements on a curated selection of project-related topics

 Feel free to submit the completed document back to us

Based on the unique configuration, we meticulously analyze the Owner's wishes in detail

 CEO and Designer, Christian Gumpold, would be delighted to arrange a complimentary call to discuss the project and provide recommendations for the next steps


MIGALOO is named after an all-white humpback whale and means "White Fella".