kokomo ailand - private floating habitat

Main data:


KOKOMO AILAND – private floating habitat based on semi-submersible platforms

Length overall: 117 m

Beam: 78 m

Draft: 20.5 M-9.7 m

Customizable in size, shape, interior outfitting and features





Owners Deck: Private Owners penthouse 80 m above sea leve, private glass elevator

Jungle Deck: Living palm trees and vertical gardens

Beach Deck: Entertainment pool & barbecue area

Garden Deck: Al-fresco outdoor dining, waterfalls

Spa Deck: Spa and beauty salons, large pool areas and waterfalls

General amenities: 2 beach clubs including beach gym, private harbour & harbour club, underwater dining salon, shark-feeding station, outdoor cinema, barbecue and outdoor stage, heli deck & large storages for tender & toys